Kindergarten Crew Teacher

Bethany Marlow

Meet Ms. Bethany!
Meet Bethany Marlow, Kindergarten teacher! 

While the author is unknown, not a truer thing could be said for teaching than, “A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!”  That is just what Ms. Bethany and her team do!  

We, as parents, hand our babies over to Kindergarten teachers to have those teacher’s help ease them into school. They wipe tears, comfort troubled minds, encourage independence, handle their share of “Kleenex” moments and love each student with all their hearts! Whether they realize it or not, they’re teaching so much more than phonics and figures. They’re inspiring young minds when they’re most open to seeing their potential. They take the babies who walk into their classroom each fall and turn them into big kids who are equipped and excited to tackle the next 12 years. Those classrooms are where it all begins, and REMS is blessed to have Ms. Bethany and her team in one of our Kindie Crews.

Ms. Bethany grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Both her parents where teachers and as a child she wanted to be a teacher as well. She surprised everyone and broke the mold as she went to the University of IL and received her degree in Business. For 20 years she worked in hospitality, restaurant and hotel management industries. In 1999 she took a job in a restaurant here in CO and that is where she met her sweetheart, Jeff, and they were married. They have been married for 15 years and have 3 children. Alex who is 24 and lives in OK. JJ who is 14 and Josh who is 12. 
Bethany started her career in REMS like most of us do. As a mom with kids in school, she wanted to be involved. She started volunteering in the library 10 years ago, participated in voyages, and other areas in the school. She loved it and wanted to be a part of it. She had been a stay at home mom for 9 years when she decided to get back into the work force but did not want to go back into the restaurant business. She received her teaching license and began working as a substitute teacher in the District. “I learned very quickly that I loved working with the little ones in school. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades were where my heart was.” She subbed as much as she could in Renaissance as both her kids were students in the school at that time. She says, “I loved the culture and being able to be with my babies during the day.”  When an opportunity to work full time in REMS opened, she took it. She started as an aid in the Kindergarten crew 5 years ago!  As with all schools, changes are inevitable, so when the Kindergarten teacher position was posted, Bethany jumped at the chance to receive her alternative licensure which would allow her to be the main teacher in one of the Kindergarten crews. Working and going to school at the same time has kept her busy but she has been “so grateful for the opportunity to find her passion, her second career at mid-life.” “One of the things I love most about Kindergarten, they are so full of joy and wonder all of the time. Everything is new and exciting!” said Bethany.  “Being a wife and a mother is something I love and continues to be very important to me but teaching feeds my soul.”

“I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Ms. Kathy and am so grateful for her. I get to work with some of the best people in the world and I love that! I learned during my subbing days that there was something special in the culture here at REMS and to be a part of that now is a blessing.”

“As a teacher one of my biggest goals is that every child feels safe and loved and happy when they come to school. I feel like we really set the foundation in Kindergarten for them to have that for the rest of their school careers.”

Next year marks the first year since she started that she won’t have her child at school with her. While she is feeling a little sad about that, she shared that, “With JJ finishing his 8th grade year at Mesa and Josh preparing to head over there, both kids are thriving beyond the wall of Renaissance. They are taking what they have learned here and applying it to middle school and beyond. I am so grateful for this community. I truly believe that we are crew. This is a really unique and special place to be.”

Bethany shares that she is incredibly grateful to have Cari and Chanda as part of her team in the classroom this year. “They both bring their own unique talents and skills that help provide a well-rounded environment for our kids.”

When asked what Bethany loves about Renaissance, she responded: “Renaissance is an experience like none other. There is a community that does not exist anywhere else. We take care of our school, each other and each person is invested in the well being of the next. We push our students to go on voyages and bond as classes. We teach them that they can conquer mountains, while caring for their crews. That attitude will be with them the rest of their lives and will reach far into their communities. Renaissance is a special place!”

During the summer months you can find Bethany and her family out hiking and in the mountains. They have a jeep and spend a lot of time checking new areas out. Bethany has been to 47 of the 50 states, Oregon, Washington and Alaska are all that is left. “We love road trips and really love to see as much of the country as we can. We especially love to find the off the beaten path places, National Parks and overall, just to explore with our kids.” 

When we asked the staff what they think of Bethany, this is what they shared:

“She has a passion for her job that is contagious. She is constantly thinking of ways to make learning fun!”

“Bethany is compassionate, patient and kind. She is completely engaged in her students and really care for them.”

“Bethany truly loves each of her students and wants to see them succeed.”

The Parents had even more wonderful things to say!

“I love the love my child feels from Bethany! Hug, high five or handshake to start the day, heck yes!”

“Bethany is sweet, caring and believes in all her children in the classroom.”

“Bethany is a blessing to our family. She has made a lifelong impact on our child. Her continued love and kindness for the kids is shown in everything she does!” 

“She is so welcoming and lovely. She makes new parents feel like we have always belonged and provide support that reaches far beyond the classroom.”

Ms. Bethany, thank you for all you do and taking our babies to help them become the big kids! Next time you all see Bethany in the hallways, thank her for a job well done!