Billie Pope

5th Grade Crew Teacher

Meet Ms. Billie!

 “My name is Billie Pope, and I am so honored to be teaching here at Renaissance. My journey here at REMS has been personally expansive. I have enjoyed growing and learning right alongside my students. Each day, I am grateful to be in the classroom discovering amazing things about the world around us with my 'kids.' I love my work and have found a community and a home here at REMS. My years here have truly been life changing.”

While she was born in Oklahoma, at the age of 8 she and her family moved to Georgetown, CO, where she lived the life of mountain adventure with her brother. I think that almost qualifies her as a native. “My folks are still with us and live in Castle Pines.  My parents owned their own art framing business in servicing Vail and Breckenridge, and my mom was the Town Treasurer for the City of Georgetown for many years. Both of my folks are very active service members in their various communities. My brother has 2 children and 6 grandchildren. I have two sons Peyton and Dylan who have left the nest and my furry son Sancho! We are a very close family!”

Ms. Billie attended Georgetown Elementary and Clear Creek High School before attending UNC, CSU, and Metropolitan State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Research Psychology and her master’s degree in Arts in Teaching. She comes to us as the full package with extensive training in special needs, occupational therapy, art, behavioral research, and the Montessori method. 

When I asked her what brought her to REMS, Billie shared, “I have been in various positions in the district since 2001. I started as a moderate needs Special Education Paraprofessional, Occupational Therapy assistant, and even a classroom assistant.  In 2010 I had a friend who was teaching yoga classes for a teacher at REMS. I was a teacher at DCS Montessori at the time. I came to her class and just loved what I saw in the classrooms. I was curious about the drums and the overall culture at REMS, so when the opportunity opened, I went for it and have been here since 2013. Billie started as a Discovery assistant, providing one-on-one support, but also traveled to all classrooms to help where help was needed. She completed lots of substitute teaching work and even took on the full classroom assistant position before teaching her own class here at Renaissance. 

“What do I love about REMS? Everything! When I interviewed here, I told the panel I was looking for another community to serve. I think the sense of community, adventure education, expeditionary model, and just being a part of amazing work for kids are among my favorite things. I love watching children recognize their strengths, overcome challenges and lead their own learning. The staff at REMS is also amazing, I have never worked with a more committed, brilliant group of teachers.   I am passionate about my craft and becoming the best teacher possible for my students. I enjoy collaborating and being mentored by some of the most talented professionals in the field.”

So what does Ms. Billie do for fun? Biking, hiking, camping, reading, decoration, painting, gardening, yoga, meditation, being outside as much as possible and of course skiing at Loveland Ski Area! I asked Ms. Billie what one of her passions was and she shared that she loves behavioral research. "I love looking at studies and data, and I constantly think of things that I would like to research long-range and short range. I love looking at patterns and correlations. Clearly “Research Psychology” really fits with teaching and it reinforces my practice."
For her students this year, “My deep hope for my kids this year is that they will stay connected to one another as crew and above all stay healthy. I also hope that they will have some discovery around themselves as learners and an even deeper level of connection to their families and discover what is truly important. My dream is that they would expand and grow in their knowledge and become even more observant. I hope that they notice all the little things that passed by them before this happened and be more connected to nature."

"To my families coming to me next year, I cannot wait to get back into the classroom and create a new way of approaching learning. This time has given me some real challenges, but I have learned a lot and can't wait to share this learning with the kids and families. Mostly, I just can't wait to be back with our community.  And study certain parts of the pandemic and how it happened (too soon?) It would make such an amazing expedition study. So many great data points and response models to compare! (I'm a geek, what can I say?)."

As Ms. Deborah shared last week, Ms. Billie will be moving back to 5th grade this next school year. I asked Ms. Billie what prompted the move and she shared “As a school we believe in the best people for the positions available (so we all tend to move around a lot). I believe in doing what’s in service of the community and kids and this seemed like the right move to support those goals of service to our community.” 5th-grade has been her home before and she is eager to step back into that classroom and help her students grow in this chapter of their lives!

When we think of what a wonderful addition Billie is to the Renaissance community, no one says it better than her current families and colleagues: 

"Ms. Billie has a huge heart! She is a dedicated and compassionate teacher who strives to be better every day. She leads by putting kids first and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help all REMS students feel successful, recognized and special. Her relationships with students and staff demonstrate her generous and compassionate spirit. Ms. Billie thrives on design learning units where students have voice, wonder and drive their own learning. She loves being in trenches and models what it means to have a growth mindset." 

"Ms. Billie is so great at seeing what makes the kids thrive, and encourages them every step of the way.  She connects with her crew and makes them feel special – such a gift to have her as a teacher!"

"Ms Billie has taken a big leap this year going from 5th grade to 3rd grade and she's done it awesomely. Ms Billie teaches with her whole heart and soul putting all her effort into each and every child. She has so much passion for what she does and it shows. Ms Billie doesn't just 'teach' reading and writing. She engages children to be creative, be passionate, be themselves. She encourages a desire to share kindness and humanity. She is so loved by her crew, her parents and her co workers. Ms Billie is the definition of what REMS is all about!!"

"Ms. Billie is one of those people that brings light into any room she is in. She is an amazing and beautiful person, inside and out!"

"Ms. Billie while our time with you in the classroom was cut short this year, we were thrilled to know that we have a chance to have you as our teacher again in 5th grade. You have been a blessing to our family and a great teacher for our child this year! Thank you for all you give and all you do! We appreciate you!"
As you can see – there is plenty of love and appreciation for all that you do and give! Thank you, Ms. Billie, for being you and being a part of our Crew!