Educational Assistant IV

Chanda Woods

Meet Ms. Chanda!
Chanda Woods is our new Educational Assistant IV this year! She primarily works in Ms. Bethany’s kindergarten classroom, but you have seen her in other areas of the school throughout her time in Renaissance. She and her family are in their tenth year at our school, as all four of her kids have gone or are currently at REMS! Her youngest, Weston, is now is in 2nd grade, while her older three girls are in junior high school and high school!  Like many parents, Chanda, started out volunteering in the classrooms, helping teachers cut out items or helping students complete their letter formations. With three girls, Chanda was very active in the school’s Girl Scout Troop, including troop leader for many years. She has always been a huge part of the school’s community.  She also became very involved in belaying students and eventually became Mr. Doug’s Crew Parent. Chanda has even helped Mr. Josh with stage makeup for the plays for the past several years!

Chanda is a huge part of the team in the Kindie Crews this year. While in Ms. Bethany’s classroom, she completes the trio of teachers. They have good coverage of the students and there is an easy friendship and flow between the three of them which provides a warm and safe learning environment for their students. Her role is unique in the type of training she has completed for her EA4 position. Her CPI certification provides her with training in de-escalation with students, engaging them, and helping them regulate their emotions and work through them alongside our Special Education team. Her role requires patience, kindness, and firm boundaries with students. Her smile goes a long way in changing the direction of the day for a student. 

As a mom, this role allows her to be in the school with her son and to have the same holiday breaks as her kids. The Renaissance community is something she has always loved, and that is what drew her into taking the job this year. 

In her spare time, she supports her own kids in their various sporting events. Volleyball, aerial arts, baseball, basketball, and football practice and games keep her on the go. She is a Bronco fan through and through. Win or lose, from watching games in person or on the T.V. she “bleeds” blue and would not have it any other way! She loves to complete destination hikes, i.e. waterfalls, lakes, and tries to do three or four each summer. 

Chanda also went to school at UNC in Greeley where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. She has a goal to return to school one day to receive a Masters in Trauma Counseling and to complete her teaching licensing. 

Chanda’s upbeat personality and smile are always present in her work. She is a gift to the classroom and to our students! Please reach out and thank her for all she does!