Online Check-In Process

There are three (3) steps to complete Check-In.

All Check-In forms on the right must be complete for your child to attend school.


What do I need to do?

1. Make sure you are able to login to Parent Portal and EngagED. (Same login for both.) 

Need help? See links under 'How do I do it?' below.  

2. Make sure you are able to login to MySchoolBucks for fee payments. 

Need help? See links under 'How do I do it?' below.      


3. Complete the District Express Check-In forms. (30-45 minutes)


4. Complete  the Renaissance Online Check-In forms. (30 minutes)

5. Complete  the Renaissance Voyage forms. (15 minutes)

How do I do it?

1. Click the District Express Check-In link on the right and complete all District forms. 

Primary household member must complete District Express Check-In. Secondary household should also update personal and contact information in Express Check-In.

     Click here for login help.

     Click here for Express Check-In help and Quick Reference links.

     Click here for new Parent Portal/IC info/screens


2.  Click all the Renaissance Online Check-In links on the right and complete the forms.

     Click here for Check-In email

     Click here for MSB help.

     Click here for REMS fees walkthrough.

3.  Click the appropriate Renaissance Voyage link(s) on the right and complete the registration(s).


All District Express Check-In forms, Renaissance Online Check-In forms and Renaissance Voyage Registrations must be complete by August 7, 2019.


If you are unable to complete the check-in process at home, you will be able to complete the process at the school during Listening Conferences.  Please allow at least one hour if you plan to check-in online at the school.

What if I still have questions?

Did you try the 'help' links under 'How do I do it' above?

Although we do not have office hours during the summer, if you need additional assistance or have a question, please send an email to: Andrea Bollman.

During Check-In, we will check email and respond to your questions within three business days.

District Contacts: 

For student and household related questions/issues; contact Student Data and Information Services summer hotline at 303-387-0016.

For technical issues with Express Check-In parent application; contact IT Support Center at 303-387-0001.



Voyage Registration

Fall Voyage Docs

All students Grades 1st - 6th

Click the grade-specific link below to complete Voyage Registration. 


Must be completed by August 7th for all Fall Voyages (no matter the date of your Voyage).

Camp Elim

- 1st, 2nd & D2/3 

1st Grade Registration

2nd Grade Registration

D2/3 Registration

Eagle Lake 

- 3rd & 4th

3rd Grade Registration

4th Grade Registration

Colo. National Monument 

- 5th & D4/5

5th Grade & D4/5 Registration



- 6th Grade & D6

6th Grade & D6 Registration

Medication Form

(Required when taking medication)

Additional Voyage Info




Check-In Links



Express Check-In

Express Check-In
July 15 - August 7


Renaissance Online Check-In Forms

Parent Volunteer Agreement
(All REMS parents/guardians must complete.)

Community Volunteer Application 

(For all overnight chaperones and any non-parent volunteers.)

REMS Technology Agreement 
(Required for all students)

Transportation Release 

(Required for all students.)

Renaissance Fees

There are two areas for fees in MSB; 'Invoice' fees AND 'School Store' fees. 

MSB Fee Walk-Through Instructions

MSB Login

Invoice Fees = 

$400/$450 REMS Fee and 

$10 Instructional Material Fee

(can be paid during District Express Check-In)

School Store =

$60 Supply Fee and

$60 New Student Drum and

$20 Yearbook (Optional)

(Must go to MSB Renaissance Web Store to add these fees to your basket)



Lunch Seconds & Extras Opt-Out

(Print and bring to school) 

Attendance Line:


Main Number:


Fax: 303-387-8001

Find us: 

3960 Trail Boss Lane

Castle Rock, Colorado



School Hours:

8:40 am - 4:00 pm

Wed 1:00 pm early dismissal

Douglas County School District Nondiscrimination Notice: The Douglas County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, martial status, genetic information, or physical characteristics, disability or need for special education services in admissions, access to, treatment of, or employment in educational programs or activities. The School District's Compliance Officer is Ted Knight, Assistant Superintendent, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, Colorado,, 303-387-0067. Compliant procedures have been established for students, parents, employees and members of the public.