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2024-2025 Online Check-In




Fees will be available in MySchoolBucks at 9:30am on July 22nd.

Please pay all school fees in MySchoolBucks.  School Fees are found in two areas within MySchoolBucks:

1. School Invoice Fees - Applied automatically to all students:

  • Up to $720 REMS Adventure Education Instructional Fee - See REMS Fee Page for fee amount by grade level. 

  • $30 District Instructional Material Fee

2. School Store Fees - You must go to the Renaissance Store to add these fees to your cart:

  • $60 Classroom Supply Fee - Includes classroom supplies purchased by teachers for use by students throughout the school year

  • $40 New Student Drum - All new students purchase and make a drum that follows them through their years at REMS.  Should the $40 cost be prohibitive, we have a limited number of pre-owned drums available for 'adoption' for $15.

  • $20 Yearbook - Optional; available for purchase through March 5th

Quick Reference for MySchoolBucks Payment System

After this step is completed, please continue to the next step.

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