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2024-2025 Online Check-In




When submitting medications to REMS, there are two ways to provide medication orders by your provider.

  1. If you submit one of the following care plans, a new Parent Medication Release Form is required every school year.

    1. CO Asthma Care Plan - Submitted for an inhaler needed at school/voyages. 

    2. CO Allergy Care Plan - Submitted for antihistamine and/or Epi Pen needed at school/voyage

    3. Seizure Emergency Care Plan - Submitted for anti-seizure medication needed at school/voyages

  2. A new Provider Medication Authorization Form is required every school year for each medication administered (including Tylenol and Ibuprofen) at school or on voyages NOT on one of the above forms.

Please bring all forms and medications to the Health Room. For more information, see the REMS Health Room Page.

After this step is completed, please continue to the next step.

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