School Psychologist

Colleen Pandey


Meet Ms. Colleen!
If you don’t know Colleen, you will want to after this! Colleen is our school’s Psychologist and we are so lucky to have her as part of the team!

Colleen is from Fort Wayne, IN and grew up in Indiana / Illinois until 2016 when she got married and moved to Colorado. Before coming to our great state, she completed her B.S degree at Purdue University where she studied psychology. Through her junior and senior years, she worked on funded research projects studying domestic violence and intimate partner violence. She also dedicated many hours of time volunteering in women’s shelters and supporting children while their mothers participated in therapeutic groups. After graduation, she continued her Masters and Educational Specialist degrees at Ball State University where she spent time working in the University’s Center for Autism Spectrum disorders supporting students on the spectrum in successfully joining the workforce and participating in a healthy and fulfilling adulthood. 

Currently, Colleen works as the Psychologist in our school and one other neighborhood school in the district. We are fortunate and blessed to have her on Tuesdays as part of what she says are, “phenomenal special education and mental health teams.” She mainly focuses on the identification of student disabilities/specialized instructional needs, and conducting assessments to drive student intervention and learning. She leads a handful of our social-emotional skill building groups and works in supporting students’ behavioral regulations to maximize their success in school. 

When asked what she likes most about her Renaissance team, she says “It has truly been an honor to work at Renaissance. I most enjoy the open-mindedness and exchange of ideas that center around student strengths and interests. Renaissance seeks to provide a holistic approach to learning. Every child is viewed for the unique person that they are. Every child is celebrated in who they will become. I love being a part of a problem-solving team that works with the child's strengths. I have had the great pleasure of seeing so many children grow and thrive here at Renaissance, and feel confident that as they move into their adulthood, they are better for having had these experiences. I know I am better for having learned along with them!”

In Colleen’s spare time she likes to be outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing and kayaking. When she is not outside, she loves to travel, learning about other cultures, languages and religions. She even is going on a trip this summer to Istanbul and Lusaka, Zambia. Remember to ask her about that trip when we return to school in August!!!

When we asked staff what they thought about Colleen, this is what we heard!

   “Colleen is brilliant, kind and thoughtful! She always puts forth positivity and assumes the best! When she is at our school she is dedicated to our students and their needs.”

    “She is a great communicator and team member”

    “She is the best!”
    “Colleen brings a level of perspective and experience into our school that helps ensure a full picture of each student.” 

    “She is dedicated to making a difference and helping wherever she is needed.”

    “We are so blessed to have her!”

The next time you see Colleen racing around the school, thank her for all she does!!!