Band and Orchestra are offered to students in grades 4-6 through DC Downbeat. Students learn to play a musical instrument and perform in at least two concerts. Participating in Band and Orchestra provides students opportunities to engage in active learning, develop character, expand their musicianship, develop perseverance and expand their collaborative skills. 



Badminton is a great competitive individual and team sport that involves multiple elements of physical fitness, problem solving, and critical thinking. Not to mention it is a lot of fun. The team at Renaissance is called the "Mile High Smashers." We will practice one day a week and also compete in a tournament hosted by Renaissance.



The Renaissance Running Club is a running club for students, parents and staff at REMS. The primary goals of the program are to encourage participation in running related activities in a non-competitive environment, to teach and promote healthy living and lifestyle, and to provide an organized outlet for physical exercise at school for 30-45 minute blocks.


The Parent Crew Foundation believes that all students should be able to participate in the school’s activity programs, regardless of the family’s ability to financially support these endeavors. A limited number of scholarships are available each semester to provide assistance to those in need. 




This is a collaborative and competitive team. Archery is open to anyone who has shot with Mr. Doug at Renaissance in the past.

We will practice at the NASP distances, but we will also shoot at round, 3D, hanging targets, apples, and maybe some balloons. We will also play some archery games. tic-tac-toe, battleship, and slay the dragon.