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The unique and innovative programming at Renaissance requires additional funding in the form of student fees. 
Fees are due in full on August 7th.

There are TWO areas for FEES in My School Bucks:



Invoice Fees INCLUDE:

  • REMS Adventure Ed Fee

  • Instructional Material Fee


Invoice Fees can be paid during District Express Check-In

School Store Fees INCLUDE:

  • Classroom Supply Fee

  • New Student Drum

  • Yearbook (Optional)

School Store Fees must be added to your basket and paid for in the MySchoolBucks  Renaissance Web Store.

MySchoolBucks Quick Link

Renaissance Scholarships- Scholarship Applications will open at the end of June.

Renaissance Annual Fees help offset the costs of our unique programming, including but not limited to:
  • Adventure Education (voyages, transportation, staff, equipment, etc.)
  • Instructional and Expedition Supplies (tools, materials, etc.)
  • Technology
  • Classroom Community school supplies
  • Professional Development

Enrollment at Renaissance is fee based and contingent on full payment

Please Note: Additional fieldwork activities are considered a separate cost and may be assessed during the school year.



Renaissance Fees For Grades K-6:

  • Online credit card and check payments will be accepted starting in mid-July, during Express Check-In, through My School Bucks (MSB). 

  • All 2024-25 fees are due August 7th.  Due to tight school budgets and the expense of our unique programming, it is imperative that all families pay their fees on time. 

  • There are no refunds or partial refunds if a student withdraws from Renaissance during the school year.


All Students:

  • REMS Adventure Education Instructional Fee *See chart below for cost

  • $30 District Instructional Material Fee

  • $60 Classroom Supply Fee includes classroom supplies purchased by our Teachers and as well as funding our Integrated Arts Programs such as P.E., Visual Arts, and Performing Arts for the entire school year

       * REMS Adventure Education Instructional Fees by Grade Level:

  • Kindergarten - $206.63

  • 1st Grade - $347.60

  • 2nd Grade - $560.60

  • 3rd Grade - $732.60

  • 4th Grade - $702.60

  • 5th Grade - $707.60

  • 6th Grade  & D6 - $662.60

  • Discovery 2/3 - $579.60

  • Discovery 4/5 & D5 - $721.60

New Students:

  • $40 New Student Drum 

Drumming is an integral part of our culture at Renaissance. All new students purchase and make a drum that follows them through the years.  Should the $40 cost be prohibitive, we may have a limited number of pre-owned drums available for 'adoption' for $15. 



  • $20 Yearbook (available for purchase through March 5th)



Should the Renaissance fees be outside of your budget, you will need to open enroll to your neighborhood school or another school of choice so that you are not met with a financial crisis come August.  A limited number of partial scholarships are available each Summer for the following year. See the link on the left.)

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