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Hope Corrales


Meet Ms. Hope!

Hi, I’m Ms. Hope and I’m the registrar!  

I LOVE being part of the REMS CREW!  I can definitely feel all the positive energy when I walk through the doors each morning.  The REMS community - students, staff and parents - is an amazing family and being here makes my heart happy.  Stop by and say "Hi!"


A little bit about me:
I live in Castle Rock.  I’m married to my incredible husband, Benny, and this year we are celebrating our 28th year together.  We have 5 pretty cool kids we parent (except when they call us “Bruh”. What even is that?):
 Lina (23), Joely (21), Caden (18), Walker (17), and Peytin (13).  My mom also lives with us but we keep her in the basement.  No really, she has a really nice apartment down there.  We also have 3 fur babies: Farrah aka “The Boss”, Freddie aka “The Protector”, and Bella aka “The Instigator”.  


Growing up, we camped a lot.  It’s why I love camping!  Well, glamping now.  This past year, we got to take fun trips in our camper to Palo Duro Canyon, TX, Flaming Gorge, UT, Yellowstone National Park and of course, many places in Colorado.  I also love seeing live music and dancing.

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