Arts and PE - Integrated Arts (IAs)

Each week, crews rotate through Art, Music, and PE. Students have IAs every day except Wednesdays when they have deeper explorations into the arts through core learning expeditions or through one of our Renaissance rituals like The Beat.

Art at Renaissance is treated as a central aspect of learning and life. Artistic achievement is as valued as academic achievement. Ms. Pam strives to engage students through the building of school culture and student character by emphasizing authentic performance, craftsmanship, risk-taking, creativity and a quest for beauty and meaning. Art units are often used as a window into diverse cultures, integrate disciplinary content from other academic subjects, as well as provide another perspective and deeper understandings of the Big Ideas and Guiding Questions found in classroom expeditions.


In Performing Arts, Mr. Josh shares his knowledge of music, movement and theater for a worldly performing arts experience.  



Physical Education - Mr. Doug

In PE, Mr. Doug engages students in many different physical forms, broadening their horizons in global games and sports.  Archery, Circus Arts, and Cup Stacking are just a few of the popular PE weeks.  

Students at Renaissance also participate in two Climbing Weeks (one in the fall and one in the spring) as part of the connection to our Adventure Education (Outward Bound) program, where all forms of "climbing" (rope elements, rock wall courses, and high beam obstacles) challenge students to persevere outside their comfort zone and enjoy a sense of accomplishment while crew members practice beneficence and perseverance through encouragement.

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