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Kori Schwindt

6th Grade Crew Teacher

Meet Ms. Kori!

My name is Kori Schwindt. I was born and raised in Littleton and live just down the street from my childhood home. Although I moved away and lived in a few other states after high school, my entire family lives in the area, so no matter where I went, I knew I would always come back home to live in beautiful Colorado!

I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Denver, which means this is my first year as a teacher. However, my educational career started a few years ago when I was admitted into a paid internship program through a partnership between my university and Denver Public Schools. I began as a paraeducator and was able to co-teach with the fourth-grade math and science teacher. After a semester with the fourth graders, I moved up to the fifth-grade classroom and continued with math and science before becoming a professional year student teacher with the fifth-grade humanities class where I stayed and taught both in-person and remotely until my recent graduation.

Growing up in Jefferson County meant I had many opportunities as a young student to attend outdoor educational adventures, and I was even able to volunteer at the same educational center as a high school counselor for a couple of years. I was even recently involved in the planning for our fifth-graders’ trip to Denver Public Schools’ version of outdoor education before we had to cancel when switching to remote learning.

I am a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy (especially Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings), and have an extremely large collection of Funko Pop characters on display throughout my home. I enjoy playing board games with my fiancé and putting together puzzles (although he is way better at puzzles than I am, so I mostly just watch and sort the colors for him). I also love taking our dog, Romeo, to the park so he can jump and catch his frisbee, going up into the mountains to explore and find new places to go camping, and hanging out with my two little nieces.

I am so excited to join the incredible crew of teachers and students at REMS and cannot wait to meet all of you and get started!