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Building Engineer

Ken Kessel

Meet Mr. Ken!

Do you know Mr. Ken? You have probably seen him around the school clearing the sidewalks, putting up the flags, helping at drop off and pick up, cleaning up the cafeteria, being out on the playground or even helping out on a voyage or two … but there is so much more to Mr. Ken than what we have seen during his two years here at Renaissance. 

Mr. Ken grew up with his mom, dad, three brothers and one sister in Ohio where he enjoyed a “normal” childhood.  While he spent a fair amount of time in Ohio one of his longest standing jobs was the twenty years he worked as a Broadcasting Engineer! He even spent some time hanging out of a helicopter for the local Dayton, Ohio station. 

He and his wife have been married for 28 years. His wife was a Sergeant in the Air Force and that provided the opportunity for him to live in places like Japan, Germany and several states within the US. Together, they have four children, one son and three daughters aged 31, 27, 26 & 24. They have been in Colorado off and on since 2006. 

In 2000, Mr. Ken began working in the school system. He wanted the same schedule as his children and decided that working in the schools was a good fit. He started as a substitute teacher and moved on to be a Special Education PARA for 11 years. He holds a degree in Education and utilizes his experiences with children of all abilities in his career here at Renaissance. 

One of the reasons Mr. Ken chose to work for REMS was the community he feels at the school. Were it not for the community, he said he probably would have chosen a different profession at this stage in his life and would not be a Building Engineer. He loves mentoring the kids who need some extra time. He has been able to go on voyages and provide the extra staff support our school has needed. While he says he has a talent for the mechanical side of his job, his passion is for education and the children he can work with. He is grateful for the acceptance he feels here. We, however, are certainly grateful for all Mr. Ken has provided for our students! 

Other REMS staff members had a lot to say about how wonderful Mr. Ken is:

  • Ken is the first person to see a need and take care of it, even before you have time to ask. 

  • He always puts the students first and looks for opportunities to connect with them.

  • He is a jack of all trades and so willing to help whomever, whenever.

  • Ken is always looking out for the safety and well being of all those who come into the school.

  • He has a servant’s heart. He is selfless, kind, warm hearted, and the absolute best!

  • He constantly goes beyond the requirements of his job to be a part of the community. 

  • He has a passion for all that he is involved in.

  • Ken provides learning opportunities to kids who may need a different approach or opportunity for that day.

  • He will jump in and go on voyages.

  • He is the best and we are blessed to have him for so many reasons!

Mr. Ken, thank you for all you do to be a part of our children’s lives. Thank you for the time you take to get to know them, to bring enrichment into our school, and for being you!!!

When you see Mr. Ken around, please take the opportunity to thank him for all that he does! 


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