Educational Assistant

Margie Hardaway

Meet Ms. Margie!
On many occasions, my children have come home and told me “I love Ms. Margie!” Many parents, like myself, know the Instructional Assistant in their child’s classroom, but I was blown away in learning how much they help so many other classrooms and how integral they have been to step up in so many different roles whenever the needs arise.  Ms. Margie has been extremely valuable for the educational success of so many of our students at Renaissance and our community is so fortunate to have her as a part of it!

Margie grew up in Littleton as the youngest of four children and graduated from Heritage High School.  As a child, Ms. Margie enjoyed gymnastics and says she was quite the expert jump-roper at recess time!  Recently, she has seen the popularity of jumping rope at our own recesses and she has enjoyed watching her students participate in something she loved as a child.  After high school, Margie attended the University of Colorado in Boulder along with her husband, Bob, and graduated with a degree in Finance. After college, Margie and Bob moved to California where her husband was an engineer who worked as a civilian, for the Air Force. Throughout their time alongside Air Force families they built great friendships and had an amazing appreciation for their friends’ ability to move from place to place in the most efficient way … it came in handy to have military friends when it was time to pack and move!  While in California, Margie got into IT and was a project manager for different billing systems.  Margie and Bob eventually moved back to Colorado to be with both sides of their family. Margie continued to work in IT billing and worked for ReMax and Williams, an oil and gas company.  Margie really enjoyed her experience in the IT world.  During this time, Margie and Bob had two children, Lacy and Keith, now 27 and 23. When her children were just 5 and 3, Margie’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Margie resigned from her job to help care for her mom and spend time with her children. 

Ms. Margie got connected to Renaissance by being neighbors with Janelle Lewis. Years ago Janell asked Margie to help her coach Girls on the Run. Margie helped coach Girls on the Run for six seasons before Janell asked her if she’d be interested in becoming an Instructional Assistant, and much to our benefit, Margie applied and came on board!  During her time here at REMS, Ms. Margie has said that the students are, by far, the highest on her list of favorites.  Margie also loves working with a dedicated staff.  “The staff is just wonderful. I worked in IT for many years and teachers are absolutely the hardest workers I know … they’re my heroes.  They do so much more than teaching!”  Margie has really enjoyed the climate that Debora has helped create at REMS, “Ms. Deborah is willing to change things up, like Workshop Wednesday, for example. Deborah sees the need beyond just the typical classroom ways to learn. When you’re able to see beyond the classroom walls you’re able to create something quite special!” Ms. Margie loves the Adventure Ed program and wishes her own children could have experienced it. She knows her son would have thrived in the program.

Lace up your walking shoes and take a moment to stretch because Margie’s typical day at Renaissance is one of movement and connection to numerous areas of our school. Ms Margie wears many different hats and works with so many students in various capacities.  “In the morning I help a variety of kids of all ages with speech therapy who may need some extra practice. I then work with the fourth graders for math with Ms. Jenny’s crew. I then go and work with Ms. Gina’s crew. I help her with writing and then I go into fifth grade and help them with writing, too. I go back to Ms. Gina’s in the afternoon and help with reading fluency and then go back to fifth grade and help them with reading.  Towards the end of my day I’m with the third graders, helping them with math. I close the day by helping Ms. Billie with closing circle and dismissal.”  In addition to her full schedule (and also assisting Gina with the Battle of the Books club), Margie is ready to fill in where needed if Deborah or a teacher needs help. “Wherever they need me, I go.” When Renaissance fund raises at our auction or during Renaissance Adventure Day, we are fundraising to keep educators like Ms. Margie here at Renaissance helping students in so many different ways.  We are so fortunate to have the assistance she provides for our teachers; our school is certainly unique in this way!

When Margie is not running from crew to crew, she loves spending time with her family and her lovable thirteen year old Labrador dog, Scooter. Their favorite activity is to enjoy hiking the Colorado mountains. Margie and her family have actually hiked (some several times) at least six Colorado 14ers and plan to keep adding to the list.

We are so grateful to have Ms. Margie as a part of our Renaissance community!