1st Grade Crew Teacher

Ed Goulart

Meet Mr. G!
Meet First Grade Teacher Ed Goulart, or should I say, Mr. G?

Mr. G grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his parents and three sisters. “My dad was a security manager for a think tank at MIT. He would come home and share all the stories about the mad scientists there. My mom was a school secretary.”   Mr. G attended St. John the Evangelist Grammar School. As a young boy, he had a passion for reading and quite the imagination. He could pretend he was solving mysteries with the Hardy Boys or having several other adventures right alongside the characters in the books he was reading. “I also loved learning about all things science, especially astronomy!” He shared.

Later, he attended high school at Arlington Catholic High School, where he began to play the guitar and writing his own songs. He and his friends would form bands and play at dances or in the parks during the summer. This is where his lifelong love of performing began.

After high school, he attended Curry College in Milton, MA. “I studied music at Curry and continued to play in bands all over New England. I got to perform in numerous different ensembles in college, playing everything from Broadway Musicals to Bach concertos, from Jazz to Rock and Roll. It was an exciting and fun-filled time of my life. I graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts. For the next few years, I worked my hardest at succeeding in the music business. My dream was to become a Rock Star! I was in a couple of pretty good bands with some very talented musicians, and together we played in nightclubs all over New England, especially in the Boston area. It was an exciting time to be in a band in Boston. Lots of groups from the area were being signed to recording deals, and there was always a chance that somebody from a record company could be in the audience. It was fun, but it was also very hard work. The bands never made enough money to support us, so I had to work during the days and rehearse or perform at night. I had a lot of different jobs during those days. One of my favorites was working at a Pet Store. I learned quite a bit about how to take care of animals there. Rex and our other classroom pets are glad of that.”

While he enjoyed making music, he began to realize that the rock star career probably wasn’t his path. His sister was a school secretary and convinced him to start substitute teaching. “I enjoyed working in the classroom with all the different children each day.” He shared. One day he was able to receive a long-term teaching assignment in 5th grade from October to the end of the school year. “That was it, I was hooked!” 

He enrolled at Lesley University where he earned his master’s degree in Elementary Education. “I was going to be a full-time teacher!” Teaching eventually brought him to Colorado and we are so grateful for that! “Since then, I have worked at a couple of different schools. In 2006, a principal named Mr. Ray hired me to teach Third Grade at Prairie Crossing. That same year, Mr. Ray hired me again, this time as a Core Team member for Mammoth Heights. In my career, I have worked at 8 different elementary schools, 3 of which I have helped to open. I absolutely loved working at Mammoth Heights but, after 10 years, I decided it was time for a change. So, I went looking for a school where the children, teachers, and parents were passionate about learning and working together as a community.” Guess where he turned up? Yep, that’s right, Renaissance! For your families that have or have had him as a first-grade teacher, you know what he brings to the classroom! 

Music! “I believe that children are wired to respond positively to music. I have songs for counting, clean up, continents, transitions and so many other things. Music makes us feel good and we enjoy it.  My most recent favorite song is Count on Me by Bruno Mars. It is a good message for what we are doing. We talk about, how are we going to be able to count on you today? At the end of the day, who were you able to count on?” The Auction crew was able to use this song as the crew art for their crew this year as well! It was beautiful! If you have not seen it, go look it up on the Renaissance Facebook page! 
What do I love most about teaching in this school? Mr. G said, “I love the nature connection and that challenge is a good thing! It’s not just about what you accomplished today; it is about what did you fail at today. When I first started hearing Mr. Doug use that phrase and ask the crews what are they going to do differently today? How are you going to challenge yourself? We can overcome challenges and grow each day and that is what I want my students to gain from my classroom!”
“Ms. Julie is a wonderful addition to our classroom. She is exactly the right person for the job, and I am very thankful to have her.”
Hobbies? Heck ya! “I play the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sing, write songs and am a total bird nerd! I go birding everywhere. I have feeders outside the classroom, I love the Blue Bird Program! I usually plan my vacations around it!” 
To my students and families past and present, “Not to be mushy, but what an incredible privilege it is for me, to be able to teach children and for the parents to trust me, and to share their most precious gifts with me. I know that sounds very cliché, but it is an absolute truth. It was not my role in life to be a parent, and so ok, I missed out on that, but I am able to make that connection with, to and for that next generation in my classroom. I hope the parents and kids know what a privilege I recognize that to be. Especially since I use to be a long-haired rock and roll musician!” I asked for a picture of that to share with you and Mr. G just smiled at me. I am not sure if we will get to see that ever or not…..let's keep our fingers crossed!
“Deborah is one of my two favorite principals that I have ever worked with. Deborah has a vision and understands her vision. She genuinely listens to everyone’s view but is strong enough to make the right decision. When I came to Renaissance, I was used to being everyone’s go-to guy. I had good ideas, I was considered a great teacher/mentor in my previous jobs, but when I got to Renaissance, I was met by extraordinary teachers and colleagues and now am teaching alongside the best of the best. What a blow to my ego! I am so blessed to work with these people. They are problem solvers, they are passionate, they are amazing individuals and your children come first!”
I asked a couple of staff what they wanted to share about you Mr. G –
“To have Mr. G as part of the first-grade team is a blessing. We share similar visions for our classes. He is very talented and just a great teacher!” 
“Working with Mr. G is a breeze, everything he does is exactly what the students need for the day. He goes with the flow and is very flexible when needs arise that we weren’t expecting.”
“Mr. G is funny and kind and is one of the most amazing teachers. The way e uses music in his crew and in his teaching makes a lifelong impact on both his crews and their parents.”

“Where to start? I thought I was a well-rounded teacher until I met Mr. G. He has provided me with ideas and opportunities to adjust my teaching style and has made me a better teacher because of it. He for sure is a treasure in our school!”

Mr. G thank you for coming to REMS and sharing your passions, hobbies, and zest for life with all of us! We look forward to being together again soon and to hear music coming from your room!