Health Assistant

Nicole Cole

Meet Ms. Nicole!
Ever wonder where your student goes if they are at school and not feeling well, need to take their medication, or maybe got hurt? They are sent to the Nurse’s office and comforted by Ms. Nicole.

Nicole was born in Boulder and raised in Littleton.  She also lived in Park City from ages 1 to 6 where she learned to ski at the age of 2.  Fun Fact: while living in Utah, her family went to a Holiday Party that Neil Armstrong was attending.  Nicole was 4 at the time, and taught Neil how to play Pong (as in Atari!) 

Nicole went to Chatfield High School and during that time began babysitting and working at a daycare in the 2 year old classroom. Nicole says it was her favorite job other than working at Renaissance. Nicole then went onto  College at the University of Northern Colorado where she began studying teaching but changed to nursing. 

Before having kids, Nicole traveled a lot and lived in Hawaii for a couple of months.  Once she even went sky diving and shark diving in the same day!  While attending nursing school, she worked as a CNA in the Intensive Care Unit.  Unfortunately she suffered a neck injury during that time that prevented her from being able to move patients or work 12 hours a day on her feet. She then worked for a pediatrician before deciding to stay at home with her 2 sons.  

When asked what she likes best about working at Renaissance, Nicole said, “I brag about my job a lot.  Everytime I explain where I work most people’s first response is, 'I wish they had a school like that when I was growing up!' Which are my feelings exactly! I spend a lot of time preparing medications and medical information for voyages, and even on my busiest day I am filled with pride that I am in some way helping children have these amazing experiences.”  

This past fall Nicole was able to attend her first Voyage with the Discovery 4 / 5 and  5th grade Crews. Nicole said it was one of her most challenging experiences she has ever had, but to see the children push themselves and encourage each other was something she will never forget.  Seeing that has encouraged Nicole to step outside her comfort zone and overcome her own fears.  Nicole said, “I love that every day I get to help kids feel better; I have my own different bond with each of them and I love watching them grow into their own special little people.”

Outside of school you will find Nicole hanging with her family.  They love to have game nights (her favorite right now is Yahtzee) and watching movies or football.  Her 7 year old son, Elam plays football so during the season they spend their free time cheering him on at games and practices.  Her 5 year old son, Tucker is her little dare devil and is constantly keeping Nicole on her toes.  During the summer they go swimming and camping.  

Ms. Nicole has an important role in taking care of our kids while they are at school.  We are so happy to have her in our school community!  


8:40 AM - 4:00 PM




TEL: (303)-387-8000  :  ATTENDANCE LINE (303) 387-8002

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