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Peggy Bryson

3rd Grade Crew Teacher

Meet Ms. Peggy!

My name is Peggy Bryson and this is my second year here at Renaissance. I graduated from Utah State University in May of 2021. I love being here at REMS. The culture is amazing and I feel so lucky to be part of it.


I was born in Springville, Utah and grew up with five older sisters! I loved growing up with sisters because I had so many closets to find clothes haha. I grew up doing lots of sports with cross country and track being my main focus. I moved to Logan for college and absolutely fell in love with Northern Utah. I began school at USU and after my first year I took a break and spent about a year and a half in Hawaii! Soon after coming home from Hawaii I met my husband, Connor, who introduced me to camping, backpacking, biking, and National Parks (I had never done any of those things until I met him! Crazy right?!) We got married in August of 2019. While I finished school he started a company here in Colorado! As soon as I finished my student teaching we moved to Lone Tree. We are LOVING Colorado.


I love visiting National Parks, mountain and road biking, backpacking, pickleball, dancing, graphic design, and Dr. Pepper (well I love all soda but DP is my favorite). I do not love snakes or tomatoes.

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