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Samantha Heimer

4th Grade Crew Teacher

Meet Ms. Sami!

"I grew up in Cody, Wyoming with my parents and older brother. I loved growing up in a small, country town. I learned lots of hands-on skills and excelled in sports. Throughout high school, I helped out with mentor programs and sports camps. These extracurricular activities sparked my interest in working with kids and going into education. I started off my college experience at a community college close to home playing soccer and studying education. My sophomore year of college I did Semester at Sea, traveling around the world on a ship studying different cultures and learning new ways of life. The remainder of my bachelors degree I went to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. I continued to play soccer and study elementary education and reading. I completed my student teaching in Auckland, New Zealand teaching first grade. The school was an amazing opportunity to teach hands on skills and diverse learning styles.
My parents still live in Cody, Wyoming where I grew up, but I now live in Aurora, Colorado with a few friends. My favorite activities consist of skiing, rafting, camping, and fishing. My favorite sports are soccer and ski racing. I love to travel and explore new areas especially in Colorado. I love trying new foods but my go to food is Mexican food.

One of the most influential people in my life has always been my brother. He always pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me skills I would not usually try. After my brother passed away a few years back, I have centered my life around being the best that I can be for him. I always admired his drive to challenge and teach others. He pushed me to love trying new things, and seek adventure through traveling and new experiences.

Another adventure that pushed my limits physically and mentally was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain with my mom.  That experience, which is a religious pilgrimage, taught me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

I was very interested in REMS after I met Amanda and Lauren. I was so excited about the outdoor education side of REMS. Growing up camping, fishing, and being outside, I thought REMS would be a perfect fit for me. This year my plan was to sub, ski, explore, and travel; however, after seeing that REMS was in need of a fourth grade teacher, I was more than excited to apply for the job. I've always been excited to try new things, so I thought the school would be a perfect fit and a great learning opportunity to better my experience and change the lives of my students.

I am looking forward to creating relationships that will last forever and create bonds with students through our voyages."

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