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Sarah Cook

5/6 Discovery Crew Teacher

Meet Ms. Sarah!

I am so excited to join the REMS crew. I was interested in REMS because of the unique culture and the incredible real-world learning experiences that seem to be at the center of what we do here at REMS. I have always truly believed that so much of what we are able to accomplish in school is through relationships and a culture that emphasizes that we are a community of learners: we all have a role and we are all important to this community.

I was born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas--the Little Apple! I spent my whole childhood and even adulthood in my hometown. I taught for my first five years in the neighboring town, still enjoying Sunday dinners with my parents, grandparents and brother well into my early twenties. My community is tight-knit, and it was a great place to grow up.


My dad is a retired social worker, having spent half of his career in child and family practice and half as a contractor with the Army. He is enjoying his free time, and I am enjoying being able to call him everyday! My mom is still working hard for a mental health practice as a facility manager. They are still in my childhood home in Kansas. My brother and his fiancee live in Rochester, Minnesota. She works at the Mayo Clinic, and he is in the financial industry. 


My Colorado family includes my husband, Sam, and our fur babies! We have two cats, Snape and Willow, a dog, Charli, and a far less furry turtle, Bruce. 

I got my Bachelor's degree in elementary education with a concentration in teaching English Language Learners from Kansas State University. I love my job. 12 years in, I still think I have the best job EVER! I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old. I had some pretty incredible teachers who served as role models for me growing up. I grew up babysitting, nannying, and even working for a children's theater program, all in preparation for my "big kid" job in education. I am incredibly passionate about helping students find a love of learning, but I also truly believe that in school, students find passions, interests, and strengths that they will utilize as they navigate the world and find their path in life. I love watching kids learn about the world and about themselves, and I love that I get to learn every day through my students! 

I love the outdoors. It is my happy place! Whether I'm hiking, kayaking, or just enjoying some time in the forest, you can usually find me outside. My favorite outdoor memories would probably include my first 14-er when I moved to Colorado, Horseback riding in the ocean in the Bahamas, and zip-lining in the Dominican Republic!


Other hobbies include hiking and kayaking. I also enjoy yoga, reading, traveling. I'm an animal lover, so I love anything where I can interact with animals...I would love to bring them all home with me! Oh, and coffee...if coffee can be a hobby, passion, or interest, it is definitely mine!

REMS feels like family, and I am thrilled to be a part of this Crew! 

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