Registrar & Adventure Ed Coordinator

Sheila Marino

Meet Ms. Sheila!
If there are two staff members that every Renaissance parent has come in contact with, it is certainly our front office staff members, Sheila and Andrea.  Being at the very front of the school means they are every student’s, parent’s, and community member’s first point of contact with Renaissance...and we are fortunate that both Sheila and Andrea are passionate about their role in making sure the school day and all the administrative details that go along with that run smoothly, efficiently, and with a warm smile.  Like most schools, the front office is the heart of the building, a constant buzz of movement.  In just the short amount of time I was there to interview Andrea and Sheila they both were attending to multiple children in and out of the health room, a couple of students who needed a short cool-down break in the main office, two separate deliveries, parent volunteers checking in and out, and many phone calls coming in.   Behind the daily and ever-changing hustle and bustle of the front office, Sheila and Andrea are masters of all the tasks needed to be completed to make the school run.  It is certainly true that in every school every single staff member plays an important role in the education, safety, and well being of our children.
Sheila grew up in South Dakota with five younger brothers. She grew up in the country and went to a very small school with only 45 students in her graduating class.  Sheila’s mom stayed at home while her dad worked in construction.  Sheila was excited to graduate and get out of town … she was done with small town living!   After graduation she attended Mankato State University and majored in business.  After graduating college she  moved to Minneapolis and worked in HR where she met her husband, Michael.  Michael soon transferred to Colorado and after they were married Sheila came and made Colorado her home.  Sheila continued to work in Human Resources in Colorado and before having children Sheila worked for the same software company as her husband. For two years she traveled Sunday through through Friday and did software implementations for their HR product and loved it!  Sheila and Michael have two children, Morgan, a freshman at KU studying computer engineering, and Alyssa, a Senior at Rock Creek High School who is looking to attend a music program in college and major in Music Therapy.   

Sheila’s path into working in education started as a volunteer for her children’s school.  “After I had my babies, I stayed home and started to volunteer when they were in school.  I was in the PTO and did their school website.  Eventually I was hired to work with the computer technology teacher and my job evolved into being their volunteer coordinator, working in the office, providing general office support, working in the health room, working with their PTO, and doing all of their smart board troubleshooting.”  After working at her children’s school Sheila  took a break from their school and wanted to get back into HR close to home.  Sheila started working at American Girl but they couldn’t support an HR person long term so eventually she was bored and came back into the school system.  Sheila came to Renaissance when the job of Registrar became available.  

This is Sheila’s first year at Renaissance, “All of the people here are so welcoming, they’ve all made me feel at home and helped me feel successful here at my job.  The philosophy at REMS is new to me so I’m still learning.  I just really love how students are given the opportunity and time to do their own thinking.  It’s changing how I talk to kids and help them process through whatever it is we’re working through.  I love the purpose of the Beat, the morning and closing circles, and the voyages...all to create community and a bond, and I just love that.  I love that people can feel like they belong and that they’re not alone …that’s so important today.  Every school focuses on children and how they can serve them well but REMS takes it another step forward.  It is such a gift that we put our money where our values are.  I am so thankful for the warm welcome I have received from the whole REMS community.”   

The variety of what Sheila’s days look like as our Registrar is something she enjoys about her job!  “No two days are the same.  I start out doing attendance.  I’m currently working on student enrollment for next year and working on getting all of their needs met.  It’s wonderful how many people want to get into the school but it’s hard not being able to say yes to everybody.  I’m the back up health assistant, I do the newsletter every Thursday, and  I also update the website.  Most of my day is answering the phone, greeting my “customers” who come in- students, parents, community members, delivery people, etc.  I like my job because I like helping others.  I am definitely a jack of all trades.  You have a lot of variety and the days go fast!”

When Sheila isn’t taking care of so many of the school’s needs she loves to hike  and play tennis. “Just last year I started tennis and I’m loving playing and loving the team I’m on.  I love to read and I’m in a book club that is so fun.  I’ve spent the last few years traveling to different colleges with our daughters.  We travel a lot to upstate New York and South Dakota to visit family.  This past summer we took our dream trip to Italy.  We had such a great time and packed in so much sightseeing.  We ate more pizza and pasta than I’ve ever had!  Traveling provides us with such special family time.”    

Thank you, Sheila, for all the ways you impact our children and our community in positive ways!