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Bethany Marlow

Bethany Marlow



Ms. Bethany

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and am an avid sports fan. For over a decade after graduating with a Business degree, I worked in the hospitality, restaurant and hotel management industries. In 1999, I took a job in a restaurant here in CO and that is where I met my sweetheart, Jeff. We have been married for almost 20 years and have 3 children: Alex who is 29 and lives in OK, JJ who is 18, and Josh who is 16. Jeff and I are thrilled to also be grandparents, times 3!

When my oldest son began Kindergarten at REMS, I quickly recognized what a special school this is! I wanted to be involved and started volunteering in the library 13 years ago, participated in voyages, and helped out in other areas in the school. I received my teaching license and began working as a substitute teacher in the District. I learned that I loved working with the little ones and teaching Kindergarten is where my passion is. Their joy, curiosity and excitement for learning fills my heart! I started as an Instructional aide in the Kindergarten crew 8 years ago, then transitioned into the lead teaching position in 2018. As an educator, one of my biggest goals is that every child feels safe, loved and happy when they come to school. I feel like we really set the foundation in Kindergarten for them to have that for the rest of their school careers.

Renaissance is an experience like none other, a community that does not exist anywhere else. We take care of our school & each other, and each person is invested in the well being of the next. We push our students to go on voyages and bond as crews. We teach them that they can conquer mountains, literally and figuratively, while caring for each other. That attitude will be with them the rest of their lives and will reach far into their communities. I have seen the impacts of REMS on my own children as they transitioned into middle school, high school and beyond! 

During the summer months, you can find my family & I out hiking and in the mountains. We have a Jeep and spend a lot of time checking new areas out. I have been to 47 of the 50 states: Oregon, Washington and Alaska are all that is left. We love road trips and really enjoy seeing as much of the country as we can. We especially love to find off the beaten path places, explore National Parks and overall, adventuring with our family. We love living in Colorado! 

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