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Julie Ternus

Julie Ternus

2nd Grade


Ms. Julie

We are so excited to share Ms. Julie with our families.  She is bright, warm, talented and we are so grateful to have her as part of our crew at Renaissance.

Julie grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado with her two siblings. She has a little brother who is 8, whom she lovingly says is her favorite!  

When it came time to go to college, she chose to complete her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Governors University. It is an online program that allowed her to graduate debt-free and receive her teaching license for K-6. She said that she chose this path as “I am very passionate about working with children. I love to watch them learn and grow.”

Julie and her husband Matthew have been married a little over a year now. He is a teacher also, teaching math at Castle View High School. They have a kitty, Artemis, and a pet toad. “Family is very important to me. My mom is my best friend, and I see my family at least once a week normally. Matthew’s family also lives in Elizabeth, we get to see them frequently as well.”

Why did she choose to teach at REMS? “REMS chose me, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I applied for an open EA position to have the opportunity to learn more about teaching in the classroom setting and I was picked for the position!”

When asked what she loved about REMS and especially her 1st-grade class, this is what she shared: “I love this school. I have worked in a variety of elementary schools, and none are like REMS. The sense of community here is unparalleled and I have felt welcome from the beginning. Working here has also sparked a love of hiking, and now that is my favorite hobby. Also, I appreciate how environmentally friendly we strive to be as a whole. I just love it here. 

Working with Ed is also such a great part of working here. He is an amazing teacher, and I learn so much from him all the time. He allows me to try different things in the classroom which helps me build my skills as a teacher. I couldn't ask for a better co-worker. Also, he always has chocolate in his room, which doesn't hurt!”


Don’t let Ms. Julie’s quiet fool you. She is very talented! She is a crafter and enjoys a wide variety of projects. Crochet, making soaps, making jewelry and papercrafts. “I do it all and I love it!” she said. When she isn’t making sweet gifts for fellow staff, friends and family, she loves to get outside and hike. It has become a new favorite hobby of hers. She and her husband Matthew visited 6 Colorado State Parks last summer and are hoping to hit many this upcoming summer. 

“I have many goals for this next year! I can’t wait to get back to teaching, to being with my kids, learning more and being together again soon!” 

Staff had some nice things to share about you, too, Julie –

“Julie is so talented. Her gifts are beautiful creations, all handmade of course and bring so much joy.”

“Julie is thoughtful and kind! She is always looking for a way to brighten someone else’s day.”

“Julie has been a true joy to work with every day. She is bright, talented and always puts our kids’ needs first. She is a great teacher and I have enjoyed our time together as a team this last 1.5 years.”

“Have you seen her smile? She is beautiful inside and out.”

Julie, thank you for making Renaissance special. Thank you for sharing your talents with our families! We love and appreciate you so! 

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