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Sami Heimer

Sami Heimer

4th Grade


Ms. Sami

I grew up in Cody, Wyoming with my parents and older brother. I loved growing up in a small, western town. I learned lots of hands-on skills and excelled in sports. Throughout high school, I assisted with mentor programs and sports camps. These extracurricular activities sparked my interest in working with kids and going into education. 

I began my college experience at Northwest Community College, where I played soccer and studied education at a school close to home. My sophomore year of college I participated in Semester at Sea, traveling around the world on a ship studying different cultures and learning new ways of life. After completing my associates degree, I attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. At Rocky, I continued to play soccer and study elementary education and reading. I completed my student teaching in Auckland, New Zealand. The school was an amazing opportunity to teach hands on skills and diverse learning styles. 

I began my teaching career at an elementary school in Lockwood, Montana. Friends and a new adventure sparked my interest in moving to Colorado. When I found REMS, I knew it was my dream school. I was (and am) so excited about the outdoor education emphasis of REMS. Growing up camping, skiing, fishing, and being outside, I knew REMS would be a perfect fit. I've always been excited to try new things, and REMS has been a great opportunity to improve my teaching and change the lives of my students.

My goal as an educator is to get kids outside and into our community learning real word skills, while also creating relationships that will last forever.

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