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Trena Hand

Trena Hand



Ms. Trena

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Trena Hand and I am honored to serve as the Proud Principal of Renaissance. I really look forward to fostering relationships, building your trust and ensuring that we will continue to grow a collaborative and empowering culture for our students.

My husband Matt, son Sullivan, and I have lived in Parker for the last four years and absolutely love Colorado! We are true Coloradans (almost natives after 25 years) at heart and spend our time enjoying the mountains and outdoor activities as much as we can! I am an avid golfer, yogi, paddle boarder and overall fitness enthusiast. My family and I love to travel, eat good food, and breathe in that mountain air.


I wholeheartedly appreciate the sense of community and traditions that Castle Rock offers to ensure that everyone feels right at home. As a parent of a student in the DC feeder, I am deeply invested in creating holistic opportunities for our children to grow academically, socially and enrich their character development for their future endeavors. I am honored to have served my entire educational career over the span of twenty years in Douglas County Schools growing as an educational leader and a passionate advocate for our students’ futures.


Please know that I am deeply invested in Renaissance and will be your greatest ally and advocate for the needs, overall success and safety of our students. I know that we will face some obstacles on the journey ahead, but with our core values driving our actions and a unified front, we will meet any challenge with courage and the willingness to creatively problem solve. We can do hard things together because We Are Crew. I am truly looking forward to meeting your children and can’t wait to begin our year together!

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