Educational Assistant

Trang Nguyen

Meet Ms. Trang!
Trang Nguyen has been an Educational Assistant at our school for nearly two years, and she is a Rockstar! She and her family have been a part of the REMS community for seven years. Her son, in 10th grade, and her daughter, now in the 8th grade, both attended our school for several years. Trang started volunteering after seeing how much her children benefited from Renaissance and she wanted to give back. As an avid photographer in her ‘hobby time,” she has taken come impressive photos of the children at REMS over the years. In fact, she was actually the yearbook photographer for a period of time, and enjoyed watching the kids’ faces light up as they flipped through the pages and saw themselves during many of the experiences at school. She has also chaperoned many voyages and naturally headed into the gym to help belay children during climbing weeks. When Trang’s kids moved on to other schools, Trang knew she wanted to get back to work and decided that the EA position was right for her. 

As an Educational Assistant, her role is very diverse, allowing her to move all over the school and to be utilized by many. For instance, she schedules meetings for the Special Education team, allowing them to focus on their work with the children while she works on the task of getting everyone’s schedules to match up. She also provides extra support to the SPED team in several other ways with students. She works on the schedule and meals for the Community Lunch each week, providing help in organizing the program with kitchen staff.  She takes care of lunch preorders with the classrooms so that when lunch rolls around the kids can walk in, grab their food and start eating. This gets all our students through the cafeteria in a short amount of time and keeps things rolling in smooth order, in what might otherwise be crazy with 450 students trying to eat at the same time. 

The support she provides to the classroom is priceless! She helps with reading fluency in 2nd grade and she supports writing in 3rd and 5th grade. She also provides math support in the classrooms in 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Trang provides coverage in the classroom when teachers are needed in meetings or when there is a need for them to be out of the classroom from time to time. You have also probably seen her on crosswalk duty many times; and when she is not doing all of that, she is looking for a need in the school and trying to fill it! 

Trang and her family are very service-oriented. As accomplished musicians, her children go to the community care center every other Sunday and play the piano or violin for the residents. If you have not heard them, you are missing out; they are amazing! Her family also participates in laying the wreaths on the National cemeteries for holidays. Trang and her husband have been married for 19 years and enjoy family time above all else. Whether they are hiking together, watching their kids participate in orchestra, completing community service, or enjoying their holiday tradition of watching Polar Express on Christmas Eve, they understand the value of being together and treasure it!

We are so blessed to have Trang in our midst. Thank you for all you do and for being another reason Renaissance is so great!