A Day in the Life of a Renaissance Student

Participate in a "Morning Meeting" that includes a reading, game, song or poem; time for sharing; and review of the day's agenda.​


Students learn best when they feel safe and part of a community. They will be more likely to take risks that expand their learning in the midst of a strong support system. The morning meeting builds community.

Read and write to build background knowledge.
Giving learners something important to think about prepares them to ask questions, gain depth of understanding and apply new learning.​

Observe your teacher, think out loud, and model problem solving.

Students gain insight from demonstrations that guides their own learning process.

Examine exemplars (or models) of work and rubrics that describe quality performance.
When learning targets are clear and understood, students will meet and exceed expectations.

Work in cooperative groups with assigned roles.
The ability to plan, communicate and collaborate is furthered through discussion, negotiation and teamwork.

Persist through drafts, critique and revisions of work.
Students experience learning as a process. Character is developed as they learn to strive towards their personal best.

Take a trip into the community for fieldwork or to meet an expert.
As students gather information firsthand through experiments, observation and interviews, they learn how to learn, see how experts in various fields solve problems, and connect their learning to the real world.

Apply skills and knowledge to projects, products and performances.
Students are motivated when engaged in planning and creating. They see the relevance of what they've practiced when skills and knowledge are applied to something useful. They gain confidence as a learner when given the opportunity to express what they've come to understand in a multidimensional manner.

Present a product to an audience or perform a service for the community.
Learning has more meaning when it is geared towards the interests or needs of others. Students gain confidence when they work to develop craftsmanship and see an authentic need for their work and service.

Spend time quietly reflecting in writing or through discussion with others on my own learning.
Time alone provides learners an opportunity to explore their own thoughts, make their own connections, and construct their own ideas. Time to exchange thinking and strategies with other students and adults enhances everyone's learning.

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