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Diane Simmons

Our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Diane Simmons.  Diane and her family have been a part of the Renaissance Community for 3 years now and her son Riley is in Ms. Dana's Crew.  Their family has been in Castle Rock since 2004 and Diane is the Director of Web and Social Media at Osmosis Skincare, a skincare, makeup, and wellness manufacturer, based out of Evergreen. Her family loves Colorado and enjoy's camping and hiking with their 2 yellow Labrador Retrievers.  Diane's favorite places to Volunteer are with the Running Club and Bootcamp/Challenge Day.  Diane says "I am so passionate about this school and it's approach to education.  That alone would be enough motivation to volunteer as much as I can, but what I really love is watching the kids grow, push their boundaries and discover their own strengths and unique qualities" Diane just became the Chair for our Family Fun Nights Committee, and is looking forward to helping give back to the school even more.  Our school is proud to have Diane and all of our amazing Volunteers who continue to help make Renaissance great!


Trang Nguyen

Our volunteer spotlight shines on Trang Nguyen.  Trang and her family have been a part of the Renaissance community for 5 years now. You may have spotted Trang around the school taking photos at different events.  She began her love of photography back in 2004 when she had her son. Trang saw just how quickly children grow and change that she wanted to be able to capture the most mundane things that they do.  Most of the photos she takes are candid, especially of her kids.  Trang  loves nature photography.  While breathtaking sceneries are awesome, Trang likes taking pictures of ordinary subjects and giving them a different angle, such as the annoying weeds that invade our lawns, frost on our windows during our cold winter months or a songbird visiting our backyard in the Spring. Trang has seen how much her children have benefitted from Renaissance and she wanted to find a way to give back to the school by volunteering. Last year Trang was the school's yearbook photographer, and she enjoyed it so much that she has decided to co-chair the position again this year. Trang enjoys seeing the kids' faces light up when they flip through the pages and see themselves and their friends.  This year's yearbook is a little different, so she is excited for everyone to see it.  When Trang is not busy taking photos around the school, she is chaperoning voyages and helping set up students art for the Arts Festival. Trang and her family love the outdoors and being active so it was only natural for her to want to belay during climbing. Trang loves seeing students become more confident each year as they gain experience in climbing. Renaissance is so very happy to have Trang share her passion for photography and for volunteering with our school.  Big thanks to Trang and all of our school's volunteers for making Renaissance a wonderful place for our kids!

Rachael Kelley

Our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Rachael Kelley.  Rachael and her family are brand new to Renaissance this year, they moved to Castle Rock 2 years ago from Indiana. Her daughter is in Ms. Jen's Kindergarten Crew.  Rachael is no stranger to volunteering, she has been serving on the board of the Castle Rock MOMS club for two years.  Rachael does this because she really enjoys supporting others in her community.  At Renaissance, she loves spending her weekly hour volunteering in Ms. Jen's Crew as well as being involved in after school events.  Rachael loved helping with this years Back to School Carnival because it was a great way for her to connect with other parent volunteers at the start of the year!  When Rachael is not busy volunteering she enjoys road trips around the state with her family and visiting the Nature & Science Museum, her kids favorite spot.

Jackie Bradley

Our volunteer spotlight shines on Jackie Bradley. Jackie and her family are relatively new to the REMS community.  Her oldest daughter is in Ms. Gina's 2nd grade Crew.  She also has a son in Ms. Kathy's Crew and another little one at home that will join her siblings in a few years.  When Jackie moved to Castle Rock four years ago and learned about REMS she fell in love with the school and hoped they would be a part of the awesome community one day. 


As a former high school teacher and student council advisor, it was important to  Jackie  that she become involved in her children’s education. Jackie feels that schools are amazing places of discovery, challenges and friendship-being a part of school community is a wonderful thing.  Jackie has enjoyed how welcoming the school has been and how easy REMS makes it to volunteer and that there are many different opportunities to get involved.  Since Jackie has little ones at home, she has taken advantage of the volunteer opportunities that take place outside of regular hours. She loves working on the OLE in the fall.  Both years she has brought her daughter to volunteer and each year she stained the table and the fence. It has been a great lesson for her daughter to learn about the importance of working hard to keep our OLE looking nice.  This year Jackie has taken a spot on the REA board as Secretary, she is excited for another great year.   Big thanks to Jackie and all of our wonderful volunteers who have spent their time volunteering in and around the school!

Shannon Andrus
Courtney Hay

This edition of the Volunteer Spotlight is bringing two amazing ladies into focus – Shannon Andrus and Courtney Hay.  These two women work together to co-chair the Life is Art program.  Life is Art is an annual event that emphasizes the importance of art and the education our children receive – and is a way that our Renaissance community raises additional funds to support important programs for years to come.  If there are inquiries into this year’s event – please reach out to these ladies –lifeisart2019@gmail.com


Shannon Andrus:

Shannon and her 3 kids have been participating in the great programs at Renaissance for the past 6 years.  Currently, her kids are in Ms Karen’s 5/6 Discovery crew; Mr. G’s 1st Grade crew; and Ms. Jill’s 1st Grade crew.  Shannon and her children love being a part of Renaissance because of the teachers; the culture of challenging and crews; and the dedication to exploration of all types and methods.

Shannon is also a former teacher and currently works as an educational consultant and writing trainer.  If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is co-chair of the Life is Art event!  She started helping at the event in their very first year at Renaissance and then transitioned over to help with procurement.  This naturally led her to increase her role as she took over as the procurement lead.  And now she is co-chairing the event!  She loves being part of the Life is Art because she feels that it is such an important fundraiser for the school and “it’s also a really fun event!”


Courtney Hay:

Courtney and her 2 kids have also been participating and attending Renaissance for the past 6 years!  She has 2 daughters, one is part of Ms. Laura’s 5th Grade crew and the other is currently in Mr. Tyler’s 4th Grade crew.  Courtney actually grew up in Castle Rock but left the area for 15 years.  Fortunately, she was able to return and bring her family back with her in 2010.

Courtney and her family love the Renaissance community, the teachers and the staff.  Plus, the great philosophy that guides everything that Renaissance does and stands for.  She enjoys being reminded about what she loves of the school with all the quotes, art and messages throughout the school.

Courtney currently works as a counselor at Douglas County High School.  Even with the demands of all those kids, she still has found time to dedicate towards the Life is Art program!  She has been involved with Life is Art for about 4 years.  She has found it to be a great way to give back to our school community and support one of the most significant events that the school organizes all year.  Courtney has really enjoyed getting to know other families through the volunteering efforts as well. 

We want to express our appreciation to Shannon and Courtney and all of the many volunteers that participate to help ensure the success of the Life is Art program.  We are grateful for the dedication and desire to impact our school and our students with this awesome program!

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