2020-21  Voyages


2022-23  Voyages

Students at Renaissance participate in voyages to gain the highest degree of learning the Colorado great outdoors can offer. Voyage experiences build from year to year. A kindergarten student learns basic skills in navigating the outdoors with safety on day trips, while a sixth grader goes on multi-day trips to explore and face personal and group challenges in the wilderness discovering a stronger self and developing a stronger community. 
2022 Fall Voyages
All dates are on the REMS Event Calendar

Any change to Pick Up time will be updated on the main page an hour prior to arrival.

Camp Elim
(1st, 2nd and D2/3) 
Depart from REMS - 9:00 am (Normal 8:30 Arrival to REMS)
Pick Up at REMS - 3:30-4:00 pm

Voyage Dates: 

1st Grade - August 30-31
Day of Rest - September 1

1st Grade Gear List

2nd Grade & D2/3 - September 6-8
Day of Rest - September 9th 
2nd and 2/3 Gear List

Camp Shady Brook
(3rd, 4th, 5th & D4/5)
Depart from REMS -
9:00 am (Normal 8:30 Arrival to REMS)
Pick Up at REMS - 3:30-4:00 pm

Voyage Dates: 
5th Grade - September 6-9
Day of Rest - the weekend

5th Grade Gear List

D4/5 & Ms. Sarah's D5 - September 12-15
Day of Rest - September 16th

D4/5 & D5 Gear List

4th Grade - September 20-22
Day of Rest - September 23rd

4th Grade Gear List

3rd Grade - September 27-29
Day of Rest - September 30th
3rd Grade Gear List

Mountain Kremer Adventures (MKA)
(6th - @ Jefferson Creek Campground)
Depart from REMS - 8:00 am (7:30 Arrival to REMS)
Pick Up at REMS - 3:15-3:45 pm

Voyage Dates: 
 Ms. Sarah's D6 - August 15-18
Day of Rest - August 19th
6th Grade Gear List

 Ms. JoAnna 6th Grade  - August 22-25
Day of Rest - August 26th

6th Grade Gear List

. Jena 6th Grade  - August 29-September 1
Day of Rest - September 2nd
6th Grade Gear List




Medication forms for voyages must be signed by both the physician and parent/guardian.  


ALL medications must be turned in by Wednesday two weeks before voyage date.

Required for all medication administered at school or on trips.