School Accountability Committee


January 10, 2022 at 5:30 pm

The purpose of the School Accountability Committee (SAC) is to inform, to encourage, and to provide opportunities for parents and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school's instructional program and quality improvement processes.

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a team of individuals representing REMS parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, and business/industry people and other interested community members. As a member of the REMS SAC you are an integral part of ensuring that school budgets, spending, safety, and academic performance is the best it can be. Throughout the year SAC members review the school budget, issues affecting school safety, and student testing data through the TCAP scores. SAC members also provide input for the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP), and important feedback to the principal, District Accountability Committee, and the Board of Education. SAC welcomes new member input and involvement. We are scheduled to meet quarterly on the third Tuesday of a month. We also attend the District Accountability Committee meetings. Please check the REMS Event Calendar for the most current meeting schedule.

SAC Contact Info:


Chair - Natalie Wong

Parent Rep - Natalie Wong

Parent Rep - Ryan Stuart

Parent Rep - Heather Staniszewski

Community Rep - Marla Leggette

Teacher Rep - Jenny Henry

Principal- Trena Hand