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Drop Off & Pick Up


  • Parents MUST use one of the four surrounding parking lots or the Kiss & Go Lane

  • In the parking lot, parents MUST park in a designated, legal spot and WALK their student to the cross-walk personnel or school. Please do not park in a parking space marked RESERVED.

  • In the Kiss & Go Lane, parents MUST remain in their vehicle; students should exit or enter the vehicle from the sidewalk side of the vehicle.

  • Students MUST remain with their crew or until parents pick up directly from their teacher(s) or through the Kiss & Go Lane

  • Students may ONLY enter their pick up vehicle when it reaches the sidewalk adjacent to the front of the school.  THIS IS FOR THE SAFTEY OF YOUR CHILD.

  • The Kiss & Go Lane is CLOSED during Storm Dismissals

  • For student walkers, parents MUST email teachers with written permission allowing their student to walk

  • Student walkers MUST have a home to enter at the end of their destination.

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