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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;



              they just have the heart.



We volunteer because We Are Crew, not just to hit our volunteer-hours requirement. Volunteering is "Crew in Action", and as we volunteer we strive to adhere to Renaissance's Core Values. We, as parents, step into the REMS community through volunteer opportunities that expose us to unique REMS experiences (ex. Voyages, belaying). When we immerse ourselves in the REMS world, we become more connected to REMS' methods and goals. This is the true value and purpose of Crew: We see the value of working together, which is why we as parents have all committed to volunteering at least 40 hours in service to the REMS Crew Community.

At Renaissance, we ask all families to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours each school year.

Volunteers who are unable to contribute during school hours can often take projects home to complete or can help with special events.

  • PARENTS :  Complete Online Parent Volunteer Agreement (top of page)

  • NON PARENTS : Complete Community Volunteer Application (top of page)

  • Scan Driver's License into Raptor System at the Front Desk



To facilitate ease of finding volunteer opportunities, and to track volunteer hours, we have an online Volunteer Online Portal: Track-It-Forward. Every year, as we begin each new school year, we ask every family to register and create an account here.

Through our online portal, you can easily sort through volunteer opportunities. And you can volunteer for more than just your student; there are often other crews that could use an extra hand or two (ex. belaying during climbing season). We strive to offer opportunities for every kind of family's schedule; if you need assistance in this, please reach out to our Parent Crew Volunteer Coordinator.

We also use our online portal to track volunteer hours, so that we can acknowledge your efforts and also quantify the support given to our school. Please make a separate entry for each volunteer activity.

REMS Volunteering Game.png


We track and celebrate our volunteers' efforts through our online portal.

When you track hours, you will be prompted to select your student(s)' team(s). Our Volunteer Expedition has a mountain-gameboard, with 3 different mountaineers making their past waypoints and up the mountain. Each mountaineer represents a team: Team Sneffles (green), Team Pikes (blue), and Team Elbert (charcoal).

At the end of each month, volunteer hours will be tallied and the mountaineers will progress accordingly. This is a great visual of how we as a school are progressing towards the same goal of Crew in Action. 

Did you know?

Renaissance families logged close to 10,000 VOLUNTEER HOURS

last school year, providing invaluable support to our students, staff and school. 


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