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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;



              they just have the heart.



There are a great variety of volunteer opportunities at Renaissance. A few examples are: assisting teachers in the classroom; working with children one-on-one; serving as a chaperone on a Voyage or field work expedition; belaying during climbing weeks; helping in the library; getting involved with our parent organization - PCF - to help with special events, fund-raising, hospitality and the like; joining the SAC board; and being a Showcase panel member. 

At Renaissance, we ask all families to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours (or a minimum of 60 hours if you have multiple students) each school year.

Volunteers who are unable to contribute during school hours can often take projects home to complete or can help with special events.

  • PARENTS :  Complete Online Parent Volunteer Agreement (top of page)

  • NON PARENTS : Complete Community Volunteer Application (top of page)

  • Scan Driver's License into Raptor System at the Front Desk



We keep track of volunteer hours so that we can acknowledge your efforts and also to quantify the support given to our school. Please make a separate entry for each volunteer activity. If you volunteered multiple times for the same activity, you can make a cumulative total for the month or quarter. Thank you so much for the time you spent helping our school!

Did you know?

Renaissance families logged close to 10,000 VOLUNTEER HOURS

last school year, providing invaluable support to our students, staff and school. 

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