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REMS Health Assistant: 

Denise Diederichs


REMS District Nurse: 

Melissa Toborg


The Renaissance Health Assistant works with our District Nurse to care for our students within the parameters set by the Douglas County School District.  It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to inform the school of immunizations updates,  health conditions (including asthma, allergies, etc) and to communicate to us any changes to an existing diagnosis.  Please contact Denise Diederichs, REMS Health Assistant, at or (303) 387-8003 with any questions.



  • A new Provider Medication Authorization Form is required every school year for each medication administered at school or on voyages.

  • A CO Asthma Care Plan along with the Parent Medication Release is required for inhalers needed at school.

  • CO Allergy Care Plan along with the Parent Medication Release is required for antihistamine and/or Epi Pen needed at school.

  • Seizure Emergency Care Plan along with the Parent Medication Release is required for anti-seizure medication needed at school.

  • DCSD employees may not administer homeopathic or herbal preparations (this includes melatonin for voyages).

  • Prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container. The label must have the student’s name, medication, dosage, number and/or time(s) of dosages per day and name of the prescribing health care provider. 

  • Over the counter medication must be in its original packaging.

  • All medications will be reviewed by our district nurse as to whether the medication is in accordance with district policy. Parents will be notified of any issues as soon as possible.

  • Any change in medication dosage or schedule will require a new Provider Medication Authorization Form to be completed and signed by a physician and parent.



  • All Voyage Medications along with the Provider Medication Authorization Form (completed and signed by the parent and physician) are due the Wednesday 2 weeks before student's voyage date.

  • Only essential medications are sent on voyage. There is no supply of Acetaminophen or Benadryl provided by the school or camp. “As needed” medication can only be given for pre-existing conditions diagnosed by a physician with a completed Provider Medication Authorization Form.

  • Due to the nature of our voyages, we ask that medications be in tablet or capsule form and not liquid when possible.

  • If student medications have not changed from the fall voyage, new forms are not required for winter voyage.

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