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Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper

Cari Lazarony

Meet Ms. Cari!

“Cari is kind, loving, warm, and so funny. We laugh every day, because funny things happen in Kindergarten! I see her stop and be so patient with each child who may need that extra support. She will do whatever it takes to help our children.” This is what Ms. Bethany had to share about Cari and the role she fulfills in her classroom.

Cari grew up in California and attended UCLA. She majored in Sociology and wanted to be a criminal profiler! However, she also completed 3 years in the Pre-Med program before finding her real passion in Sociology! She shares that she was doing well in the program, but she was not loving the classes. Her favorite classes were her Sociology and Psychology classes she was taking for fun. It was in her 3rd year in the Pre-Med program that she had an Ah-Ha moment and realized that she was not having a lot of fun. “So I stopped and took more Sociology and Psychology classes. I had an amazing professor who helped guide me to what I really should do.  I became really interested in why some groups are discriminated against. The prison system was the place it was easiest to work while going through college.”   Right out of school she started working at a small college in administration and fell in love with the education process. She also worked in admissions at UCLA and was able to be hands on with several local high schools. “I really enjoyed working with students and being in that environment.”

Cari and her husband Ryan have been married for 11 years this year. Together they have two sons, one in first grade and the other in third grade in the discovery program here at REMS. 

When both kids were in school, Cari worked as a writing teacher in a local homeschool co-op group. She also volunteered at Renaissance as often as she could.  Cari shared that when her family first moved to Colorado her boys were 3 and 1, she had Renaissance picked out as the school she wanted them to attend. It took two years to get into the school, but it was worth the wait for her family. “I love Renaissance, I love the culture, the expeditionary learning style, the outdoor learning, I love everything about it.” Cari’s youngest son was in Ms. Bethany’s crew last year. “I knew Bethany well and when the opportunity to work at the school popped up, it was an easy choice. I loved Bethany as my son’s teacher, and I thought we would work well together. I love having the same schedule as my kids. Being in the same school and able to see them and give them squeezes throughout the day is the best.”

When asked what the best part of her job is, Cari said, “The kids! They are so funny. I love working with them, being a part of their journey at school and I really love Kindergarten. I hope to stay as an aid for now and maybe eventually teach my own class down the road.”

“I love working with Bethany! She knows her stuff and makes it fun! She is very flexible, which I think is very important when you are a teacher.”

In her free time Cari loves to road trip! “My favorite road trip was when I took my boys to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to see the Smoky Mountain National Park.” You can also find her out hiking with her family during the summer. “I also really enjoy reading and writing!”

Cari is a blessing to the school and to the families she is directly involved with. She is calm and brings an easy-going spirit into the classroom. The children she works with genuinely love her! She fits into the Kindergarten family well and we are so grateful to have her! Just read what everyone shares about her!

“Cari loves helping out with the classroom. Her commitment to the kids is amazing. She is always upbeat and ready for anything that is thrown at her.”

“Cari is so much fun to have in the school! She has a great energy about her.”

“Cari is so even tempered. She does not let things bother her and she works really well with everyone she comes into contact with.”

“As a parent, I am truly grateful to have Cari as part of the crew. She is positive and a great role model for my child.”

“Cari belongs in this school; she is smart and picks up on things really quickly. She also provides a perspective others may miss.”

Cari, you are truly loved for all you do! We appreciate you!!
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